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Wall-Mounted Bathtub Taps

Wall-Mounted Bathtub Taps from GROHE

GROHE wall-mounted bathtub taps

The faucets for your bathtub must match your tastes and requirements. Several types of wall-mounted faucets are available. Therefore, you must first choose between an apparent or concealed wall-mounted taps.  The concealed models are very popular because they save a lot of space by hiding all the technical elements behind the wall, leaving only the control plate and the bathtub spout visible. If this is what you are looking for, you will need to order a concealed body and a spout separately. Below, several control plates are available. Then you will have to decide between a conventional or a thermostatic mixer. The advantages of a thermostat are numerous: precise temperature control and maintenance without readjustment after water interruption. This saves water and therefore, energy and money. Finally, you should not neglect the appearance and GROHE offers you various models that will seduce you. For more information, click here.

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Models and variants of GROHE wall fittings

GROHE wall-mounted bathtub fittings are made of brass and offer at least two water outlets to allow you to install a hand shower if it is not included in the model you have chosen. The handles are of different shapes depending on the model. In addition to the popular and practical lever, there are the cross handles with a classic charm and the so-called joystick handle as a modern counterpart. Some wall-mounted bath faucets have two handles. Most models have a rigid spout, but variants with a swivel spout are also available. The water outlets can have different types of sprays. This includes the GROHE Normal spray, which is both refreshing and relaxing. The GROHE Waterfall XL uses a large spout to create a sensual waterfall.

GROHEs' technologies associated with wall-mounted mixers for bathtubs

The GROHE SilkMove cartridge ensures smooth operation of single-lever mixers, while the GROHE FeatherControl cartridge provides a similar effect on joystick-controlled valves. Two ceramic discs inside the mixers slide one on top of the other to ensure absolute precision. Thermostatic mixing valves are equipped with GROHE TurboStat technology to provide water at the desired temperature in a fraction of a second. Even when the water pressure changes, the thermostat reacts to maintain the correct temperature. GROHE LongLife technology extends the life of your faucet and allows precise control of water flow and temperature.

GROHE also attaches great importance to safety. Especially in family bathrooms, no one should fear that the little ones will get hurt. SafeStop acts as a safety lock to ensure that children cannot adjust the valve to temperatures above 38°C. SafeStop Plus does the same while allowing you to add a second stop temperature at 43°C.

StarLight coating protects faucets' surface from scratches, dirt and limescale to keep them shiny for long periods of time and to facilitate their maintenance. With GROHE SpeedClean, you can remove limescale from silicone nozzles easily with your fingertip or a cloth. QuickFix and QuickFix Plus save time upon the installation of your faucet. Indeed, by limiting the number of spare parts, assembly time has been reduced by 40% or even 50%. Please note that not all taps are equipped with these functions. Do not hesitate to consult the product sheet associated with the tap of your choice to learn about its characteristics.

Appearance and design of wall-mounted bathtub mixers

The taps are available in a variety of metallic shades so you can find the right fitting for your bathtub and bathroom. Surfaces can be shiny, brushed or matt.

GROHE offers its wall-mounted bathtub faucets in different design series. The purchase of several items from the same series ensures that these will perfectly match together to create a harmonious decor.

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