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GROHE Shower Systems

Embrace Serenity with Grohe's Invigorating Shower Systems 

Maintaining your well-being starts with a clean body. The daily ritual of showering is essential for overall health. It effectively eliminates impurities like dirt and sweat from your body, ensuring hygiene and vitality. Moreover, showering plays a pivotal role in preventing the proliferation of germs and bacteria, contributing to healthy skin and hair. This is why you need to invest in Grohe Shower Systems. So, you can easily elevate your hygiene routine. Let’s explore few top shower systems from Grohe... 


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GROHE Euphoria SmartControl shower system 

Introducing the GROHE Euphoria SmartControl shower system—an embodiment of opulent showering. 

This exquisite system presents an array of indulgent showering experiences. It encompasses an overhead shower equipped with the Rain spray mode, a hand shower featuring three distinct spray modes (Rain, XXL Rain, and Jet), and a precision thermostat for water temperature and flow regulation. 

The SmartControl function harmoniously merges the capabilities of the overhead and hand showers, affording the luxury of simultaneous use. Moreover, this system champions water conservation by utilizing up to 50% less water than conventional shower systems. 

Why Choose Grohe Shower System? 

Indulge in tranquillity with Grohe's innovative shower systems. Salient attributes of the GROHE Shower System include: 

  • Overhead shower with Rain spray mode: The overhead shower offers a rejuvenating rain spray mode, ideal for unwinding showers. This mode is resource-efficient, consuming up to 50% less water compared to conventional showerheads. 

  • Hand shower with three spray modes: The hand shower presents three diverse spray modes—Rain, XXL Rain, and Jet. Tailored for various needs, the Rain mode rinses shampoo effortlessly, the XXL Rain invigorates, and the Jet mode provides gentle exfoliation. 

  • Thermostat: The integrated thermostat provides precise control over water temperature and flow rate, a particularly crucial feature for households with children, preventing scalding accidents. 

  • SmartControl function: Seamlessly transition between the overhead and hand showers through the SmartControl function. Effortlessly activate the water with a button press and adjust the flow rate using a user-friendly dial. 

  • Water-efficiency: The GROHE Euphoria SmartControl shower system champions water conservation by utilizing up to 50% less water. This is made possible by GROHE EcoJoy technology, maintaining water pressure and performance while reducing flow rate. 

The advantages of showering extend to your immune system as well. The act of showering rids your body of harmful elements such as dirt, sweat, and bacteria, fortifying your defences against illnesses. By diminishing the likelihood of infections and health issues, this simple practice of showering proves invaluable. Furthermore, the soothing steam generated by a warm shower clears your nasal passages, promoting respiratory wellness and enhancing your immunity. Invest in the best shower systems from Grohe today! 

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Easy Installation makes GROHE shower sets a must-have for your bathroom

If you are looking to upgrade your shower with an easy fix, GROHE SmartControl shower systems are a great way to enhance your outdated shower fixtures. Additionally, if you do not want to spend an extra amount on plumbing for installation, you can do it all by yourself with the shower system's wall mounting designs.

The GROHE SmartControl shower units are available in a wide range of series such as GROHE Euphoria, GROHE Grohtherm SmartControl, GROHE Euphoria shower, Eurosmart Cosmopolitan, Rainshower F-Series, Tempesta, and more.

Based on the designs and style, these GROHE shower units are found in different shades such as brushed nickel, brushed warm sunset, cool sunrise, hard graphite, supersteel, warm sunset, moon white, or white.

Grohe concealed-mounted shower systems

Everything in one box - GROHE concealed-mounted shower systems

GROHE shower systems offer a simple solution for a comfortable installation in your bathroom. Now discover the advantages of a concealed-mounted shower system for a new construction or a complete redesign of your bathroom and benefit from great prices.


Grohe wall-mounted shower systems

The complete package - GROHE wall-mounted shower systems

GROHE exposed wall-mounted shower systems for retrofitting or for a new construction are a convenient solution for installation in the shower. Get all elements in one box by bringing home the GROHE wall-mounted shower system for your energizing summer rainbath experience.



Grohe shower systems with diverter

For renovation: GROHE shower systems with diverter

Would you like to combine a new shower system with your existing connection (thermostat or wall elbow)? Find out what possibilities you have for this and discover our GROHE range for shower systems with diverters at affordable prices.


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