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Head Showers

Grohe head shower Euphoria 260

Stylish Range of Head Showers by GROHE

With GROHE head shower range enjoy relaxing shower, every day

When it comes to bathroom makeover, there are endless options that you can invest in, including showers. However, the challenge lies in finding a suitable shower that not just allows you to have a relaxed bath but adds an elegant look to your newly upgraded  bathroom. xTWOstore brings you an extensive range of GROHE shower systems that are designed to fit into the aesthetics of your bathroom, making it more functional.

The Fastest Way for enhanced Showering Pleasure: a New Shower Head

Discover a new refreshing shower experience with GROHE shower head

Your shower head is getting old and limescale accumulate preventing the water to spurt out properly or it just doesn't look nice anymore? Take the opportunity and exchange your old shower head for a new one. You can simply replace the shower head yourself within a short time and soon restart the shine in your bathroom and enjoy a completely new shower experience. >>Read more


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Amazing Features to Look for in GROHE Shower Systems

The Euphoria shower head has three types of jets: Jet-Ray, Rain-Ray and SmartRain-Ray. The circular Jet ray is particularly good for washing shampoo out of your hair. The Rain jet envelops you like a warm summer rain. The jet types are changed with a diverter located in the centre of the shower. By turning, the jet types are gradually added until finally the full width is reached.

The head showers from GROHE are endowed with these amazing features making them worth the try:

  • Gives you a relaxing shower experience

Regular showers will allow water directly to your face, often making the shower experience incomplete. The GROHE head shower range includes GROHE rain shower systems that give you the best rainfall shower experience. It allows water to flow freely from your head to the shoulders, enabling a complete showering ritual.

  • Adds class to your modern bathroom

Your beautiful bathroom can be upgraded to an utmost classy look with just an installation of a head shower from GROHE. Even your guests will be amazed with this upgrade.

  • LED Lighting for an exotic ambience

Let's be honest, a beautiful and relaxing ambience is the least one could ask for when having a good shower. GROHE offers an array of LED Lighting features that makes shower experience even more happening.

  • Easy cleaning with StarLight technology

Now you don't have to worry about cleaning your head shower. GROHE shower systems come with high shine chrome coating, making cleaning easy. It's SpeedClean technology also removes limescale with just a simple wipe.

  • Multiple spray pattern

The GROHE shower systems come with multiple spray patterns that allows you to have an unparalleled showering experience. The head showers are engineered to deliver utmost precision and consistent water distribution to each individual nozzle. No matter which pattern you choose, satisfaction at shower is guaranteed.

Amazing Styles and Colour to Choose From

Blend the best of the designs and colours of head shower for a functional bathroom

GROHE offers head showers in the series Tempesta, Euphoria, Rainshower, Power & Soul, Relexa, Sena and Sinfonia. The showers differ above all in their design. There are round and angular, small and large as well as simple and modern designs. The advantage of these series is that all GROHE products within a series match perfectly to each other. Buying several products of a series results in a harmonious look of your bathroom.

GROHE head showers come with amazing colours such as chrome, moon white, white, and gold.

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