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The clean lines and organic shapes of the fittings create an aesthetic that gives you plenty of freedom for personal design. With its Essence product line, Grohe brings cylindrical shapes into your bathroom. It offers you an elegantly simple design declined in a variety of colours to personalise your bathroom: Supersteel, Warm Sunset, Brushed Nickel or Hard Graphite... More than ten luxurious colours available in brushed or glossy finishes. Thanks to its success, the series has grown to include all bathroom ceramics. The simple and elegant shapes offer a lot of flexibility to create your personalised bathroom decoration. 

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A wide range of taps in 10 colours for:
• Washbasin: single lever basin mixer and 3-hole basin taps 
• Shower: concealed or exposed single lever taps
• Bath: single lever bath taps, 3-holes or 4-holes
Kitchen sink

Also offered as infrared taps

Equipped with the latest GROHE's technologies: EcoJoySilkMove and QuickFix Plus 

Bathroom ceramics:

Wall-hung and counter top wash basins

Wall-mounted or close couple WC and their toilet seats

Wall-hung or freestanding bidets



The Essence deck-mounted taps for washbasin are available in four sizes: S (174 mm), M (193 mm), L (244 mm) and XL (364 mm). They all adopt the same design except for the tap in size S which is more compact and has the lever on top. In the other sizes, the body of the fitting merges directly into the spout. This is slightly bent into a U-shape, the handle is on the side and points upwards. 

Two-hole taps for wall mounting in all colours are also part of the Essence series. As a true eye-catcher in the bathroom, these come with a slightly downward-curved spout and handle in the form of a cylinder with a narrow rod on an extra rosette.

An even more special fitting is the 3-holes washbasin taps for installation on the edge of the washbasin. The handles point to the left and right and form a harmonious symmetry. The spout swings down slightly in a U-shape. A selectable spout height of 193 mm or 244 mm provides the necessary flexibility to fit your washbasin.

Electronic fittings (Essence E) are also available for the washbasin in the free-standing and wall-mounted versions. These are available with or without a mixer and also with a drain fitting. It can be operated via mains connection (230 V) or battery connection (6 V). The battery charge level is displayed in several stages. A safety shut-off after 60 seconds is factory-set, a temperature limit can be set. Further settings can be made via the remote control: automatic rinsing one day or three days after last use and a continuous run mode for thermal disinfection of 3.5 or 11 minutes. The infrared tap is offered in chrome finish.

Grohe Essence Washbasin Taps Size S Grohe Essence Wall-Mounted Washbasin Taps
Grohe Essence Washbasin Faucet Hard Graphite Grohe Essence Washbasin Faucet Warm Sunset


The bidet fitting (147mm) is available in all colours and look similar to the size S basin tap. It features a straight, forward-facing spout and a ball-joint jet former. 


The highlight of the series is certainly the free-standing shower fitting. This is usually only known for bathtubs. With its 220 to 229 centimetres and a head shower with a diameter of 31 cm, it will skillfully place itself in the centre of your bathroom. The shower arm can be swivelled horizontally through 360° and the head shower can be adjusted by 15° to allow maximum freedom of movement under the shower. The free-standing shower also includes a rod hand shower and a 1759 mm long shower hose.

Otherwise, single lever shower taps are also available for surface and concealed installation. Both take up the organically rounded shapes typical of the series.


Essence offers floor-standing bath taps in all colours. There is also a choice of single-lever bath fittings for surface and concealed installation with diverter, allowing you to switch between the bath inlet and the hand shower. The hand shower can also be bought separately. Other more exclusive bath fittings are the 3- and 4-hole bath taps as seen directly above.

Grohe Essence Grohe Essence Bath Fitting Cool Sunrise Grohe Essence Bath Fitting Warm Sunset
Grohe Essence Floor-Standing Bathtub Tap Grohe Essence Floor-Standing Bathtub Tap Hard Graphite


The kitchen faucets are available in three designs: the basic body is the same for all variants, the spout is either bent into a U-shape, straight or completely rounded off into a U-shape (hose spout). With this design, the spout can be swivelled through 360° and it is possible to switch between normal and shower jet. Depending on the design variant, the kitchen fittings measure 300 mm, 348 mm or 530 mm. The hose spout is available in many bright colours such as blue, green or pink and can be exchanged for the existing one. Otherwise, the fittings are available in the ten standard colours from Warm Sunset to Hard GRphite.

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