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Shower Systems (with diverter)


The easy way to new shower fun!

If you already have a tap and only want to replace your head shower, shower bar and hand shower, or if you want to equip your shower with a complete shower system, then you should choose a shower system with diverter. Installation is quick and effortless. Simply mount the shower system on the wall and connect it to the existing water outlets. This is the perfect solution if you are renovating your bathroom but do not want to install new water pipes. Don't wait and enjoy now a new shower experience. >> To learn more, click here



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What can I connect the shower systems with a diverter to?

Thanks to the standard connections, the shower systems can be adapted to almost all existing showers or bathtub faucets. You can connect it to :

A surface-mounted or concealed mixer

A thermostatic mixer

A bathtub faucet

A wall connection elbow 

And the best thing is that the flexible hose allows you to install the shower system offset from your fittings and that installation in corners is also possible. This means that you fix the shower system exactly where you want it.

Shower System with Diverter at xTWOstore Shower System with Diverter at xTWOstore

In the picture on the left, you can see that the shower system is directly connected to the wall elbow. In the picture on the right, the shower system is connected to an existing thermostatic valve. As shower systems with a diverter are surface-mounted systems, they are simply screwed to the wall. This gives you certainly installation flexibility. However, if necessary, have it carried out by a specialist.

What is the difference between shower systems with a diverter from different manufacturers?

Apart from the design, shower systems also differ in the number and types of shower jets and technologies used.

With GROHE shower systems, depending on the model, you can, for example, benefit from EcoJoy technology, with which you reduce your water consumption. The DreamSpray technology ensures a perfectly formed jet. GROHE's popular jet types include Rain Spray, which caresses your skin with its gentle spray.

Ideal Standard's shower systems, for example, feature the Massage jet, which allows you to relax after a busy day, and thanks to Twistfree technology, the shower hose cannot get twisted. This guarantees the greatest possible comfort.

Hansgrohe combines its diverter shower systems and hand showers with up to four types of jets. This allows you to choose the right shower jet for every situation. The head showers of the shower systems include the "XXL performance", for an extra-large jet surface, and the QuickClean function, for quick cleaning of the shower head nozzles.

The manufacturer Steinberg equips its shower systems with the FlatRain jet and the powerful and complete Classic jet.

Please refer to the detailed product sheet for installation instructions.

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